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What is my worth, if I cannot be attractive? What is my worth, if I cannot attract attention? What is my worth if I am not dainty? What is my worth, if I am not skilled in the kitchen? What is my worth if I am not soft-spoken? The language of feminism was meant to answer those question by reminding women, and men who live outside the self-prescribed boxes of gender, that your worth is inherent, it arrived when you were born, it stays with you long after you die.

— Chinwe Ohanele; "Afromentality-Shame" 

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Anonymous: where abouts in Australia do you live?

out in country Victoria travelling distance to melb xxx

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“Be wild; that is how to clear the river. The river does not flow in polluted, we manage that. The river does not dry up, we block it. If we want to allow it its freedom, we have to allow our ideational lives to be let loose, to stream, letting anything come, initially censoring nothing. That is creative life. It is made up of divine paradox. To create one must be willing to be stone stupid, to sit upon a throne on top of a jackass and spill rubies from one’s mouth. Then the river will flow, then we can stand in the stream of it raining down.”

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The Snake (by Amril Nuryan)
Taken from airplane, with infrared camera

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There are no bargains between lions and men. I will kill you and eat you raw.

Madeline Miller,The Song of Achilles”  (via mirroir)

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Photo by Misticheskaya Krasota

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Rafflesia arnoldii is the world’s largest flower, with a diameter of around one meter and weighing up to ten kilograms. The flower is very rare and not easy to locate, growing only once a year, for five days. It grows in the rain forests of Asia and the Philippines. The flower is nicknamed “meat flower” and “corpse flower” due to the fact that it looks, and smells, like rotting flesh.

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I did this radio show and the deejay asks me, ‘What if you woke up tomorrow and you were beautiful?’
What do you mean ‘what if’?
He said, ‘What if you woke up and you were blonde and you had blue eyes and you were 5’11 and you weighed 100 pounds and you were beautiful? What would you do?’
And I said, ‘Well, I probably wouldn’t get up ‘cause I’d be too weak to stand.’
And I felt very sorry for him, ‘cause if that’s the only kind if person that you think is beautiful, you must not see very much beauty in the world.
And I think everybody is beautiful. And if you don’t think that I am beautiful, you are missing out. Because I am so beautiful.

— Margaret Cho: Beautiful  (via artfucker1996)

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Anonymous: what do you believe?

Can you be more specific? x 

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olienda: <333333 xxxxxxx

Love xxxxx

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You’re not allowed to have legs and not use them.

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